Designing your dinner

Kelly Funk Photography
Kelly Funk Photography

Gone are the days of the traditional chicken, beef, or fish.  Now is the time of the customizable menu and no one is embracing this chance more than Hans Steril, executive chef for Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR). His culinary team is opening up the possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect menu.

“When Hans put together the catering guide, particularly for weddings, he took a little more of an unconventional approach. He tried to create some really memorable meals,” said SPR’s food and beverage director, Steve Novak.

While Chef Stierli also enjoys sitting down with couples to help create their perfect menu to wow their guests.

“I think for the couple that goes a long way because I think a lot of couples have a very specific vision and we try not to shoehorn into our preset menus,” said Novak.

Whether you’re thinking a patio barbecue, comfort food, or an elegant five-course meal, the culinary team loves to run with ideas to create personalized receptions.

“We would rather create these signature events and do them extraordinarily well and work with the couple than again try and force them into this traditional approach of pick a, b, or c.”

But why stop at creating a reception that dazzles? Adding an interactive rehearsal dinner and a family brunch the next day are memorable additions to any nuptials.

“I think back to when I got married and we, as the two families, sat down and had a really nice brunch and it was just a good opportunity to get to know each other in a more casual and relaxed environment,” said Novak.

Chef Stierli is focused on freshness and sustainability.

“He really does enjoy working with  local and sustainable products as much as it makes sense. He’s always looking to connect with new suppliers in the area and constantly searching for the best product,” said Novak.

Novak commented the dedicated culinary team are there to make your wedding vision come alive be memorable for the couple and their guests.

“It’s going to be great quality. Their guests are going to walk away happy, they’re going to walk away happy, and we want them raving about us from a wedding perspective.”

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