Choosing the perfect wedding wine


With British Columbia in the heart of Canadian wine country, it’s second nature for wine to be important part of any wedding in the region, and when selected carefully, it can add a sophisticated polish to your big day.


Danett Fisher, tasting room manager of Monte Creek Winery located near Kamloops, B.C., has helped many couples find the perfect bottles to compliment their reception and recommended focusing on budget and identifying crowd pleasing varietals as your top priorities.


“You can offer the same wine at the cash bar as well as introducing something more elevated for the people that are more connoisseurs,” she said.


As your favourite wine should also be a part of your wedding, she advised purchasing a few  bottles for the head table and selecting two traditional blends for your guests, such as a merlot and a pinot blanc. She added to stay away from oaked blends as some people don’t enjoy them.


The other major consideration is the food being served, and not so much the season of the wedding.


“It’s mostly about pairing it with the food, but I feel that there are people that really just prefer red all year round and people that just prefer white all year round, so I would stick to having a red and a white no matter what as an option,” she said.


While buffets are trickier to pair because of the diversity, if you’re having a plated dinner you want to choose wines that will compliment your options.


“You want to pick to go with the cuisine as much as you can. I would choose a red that isn’t too full bodied or have too much acid in it and then whites that aren’t too sweet,” she said.


Wine selection will also play into the ambiance of your big day. You can elevate your guest experience by matching the wine label to your table decor.


“If you’re going for something more rustic than maybe you want a label that kind of matches that a little bit. You can definitely look for label colours that match the colours of your wedding, which can also really kind of wow people when they’re looking at the table.”


If you’re planning to order from your favourite winery Fisher recommended ordering as early as possible.


“Wineries tend to flip vintages quite regularly so if there’s a particular wine you’re interested in and you really really want at your wedding I would get in touch with them as soon as you’re booking your venue,” she said.

Fisher typically recommends half a bottle per person which works out to roughly two and a half glasses. And don’t be shy when asking for a discount for a large quantity order as you can save money that can be used to enhance other parts of your wedding.


Her last tip is if you’re near the winery to go and have a tasting to truly experience the varietals before purchasing.


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