An intimate celebration at the gardens


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“I said so should I email them back and let her know that August 19th works? And Dan said yes. I said, omg we just got engaged.”

The Bride
After a year and a half of dating, Angela and Dan Wilson started discussing what they would want for a wedding and brainstorming ideas. When Dan mentioned Sun Peaks because it’s one of his favourite spots, it clicked with the couple and they decided to look into a summer wedding.


“This was in May 2017 and I said that if we want a summer wedding we better get on it,” said Angela, adding they were lucky to secure a Saturday in August to accommodate their small gathering.  


The couple were driving home from a weekend getaway in Seattle when they received an email from the Sun Peaks Grand with two dates options.


“I said so should I email them back and let her know that August 19th works? And Dan said yes. I said, omg we just got engaged,” said Angela.


Choosing a small and intimate guest list of just their families, the couple decided the gardens at the covered bridge was the perfect location to exchange their vows. They wanted their special day to be held at a destination as Dan’s family travelled from Ontario for the big day.


“Our families had not met yet prior to arriving at Sun Peaks so the Friday when we all arrived Dan and I hosted a get together in the Mountain View Suite at the Sun Peaks Grand,” explained Angela. “The room was perfect to host such an event and everyone got to mingle and meet and drink and eat and get to know each other.”


The couple decided to take photos before their ceremony, capturing their first looks of each other in the heart of the village before heading up the chairlift for a photo shoot on Tod Mountain.




Photography by @jessandyphoto
“The chairlift up to the top of the mountain for the wedding photos was pretty incredible. Just Dan and myself and the photographers went up before the ceremony and captured some really amazing shots,” she said.


Angela gave both her children roles for the ceremony in the village, with her son giving her away and daughter walking in front dropping rose petals down the aisle.


They chose minimal decor and utilized colours found throughout the garden, letting the natural beauty of the location speak for itself.


“The colours and the flowers and the views were just spectacular,” said Angela.


Following the ceremony, they walked through the covered bridge to Bella Italia Mediterranean Kitchen for dinner before continuing celebrations in the Mountain View Suite.


“It was truly a beautiful weekend in such a beautiful place. I’d recommend planning a wedding at Sun Peaks Resort to anyone,” said Angela.


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